Safe Shelter


Do you think you have no place to go?

If you are a victim of domestic violence, we offer handicapped-accessible, temporary housing and support to keep you, your children, and your pets safe.  The shelter is a home-like environment in a secured building, and it is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.  Assistance with food, transportation, clothing, and other basic needs is also provided.  While you’re at the Family Center, we will work closely with you, and your family, to explore options and to provide emotional support, legal advocacy, children's support services, and to determine longer-term housing options.   

If you are in crisis as a result of domestic violence,  please call us at  (715)

421-1511 or come to the Family Center. 

Our shelter can provide you with a safe "timeout" while you regain strength and control.  

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In cases of domestic violence in the United States, the husband beat his wife around. Attention to the protection of U.S. laws against women and children, his wife's sparring violence, serious its investigators, the trial of rigorous, severe punishment, education and the strict Chinese first came to the United States so staggering, even unbelievable.
Recently, the U.S. media coverage of such a message: a US-based Wang, the business is facing difficulties in arranging the funds. Disagreement with his wife. In the first two disputes, the clashes broke out. Mr.Wang beat his wife. Daughter reported to the police, Mr.Wang was immediately arrested by the police. Thus, according to local government regulations, violence Wang, 48 hours confinement in prison, suspended for three years, eight hours community service, $1,550 fine. Also, participate in group counseling education, class two hours a week, a total of 52 lessons, $25 per class pay tuition of $1,300 tuition. Fines plus tuition, Mr. Wang to pay $ 2,850 in total, amounting to 23,000 yuan.
Look, the United States punish those efforts against domestic violence, even so great. cheap nfl jerseys china
Content from the punishment of view, their importance to economic punishment, while attaches great importance to the ideological education, emphasizing the abuser must undergo psychological education and legal studies. To improve the effectiveness of this education, an increase in the number of psychological education classes every year in recent years. According to reports, the State of California in 1991 as class 24 times to 32 times in 1993, 1997 and increased to 52 times.
At present, the Chinese domestic violence education and counseling classes only in Monterey Park, Los Angeles, there is nearly 40 participants. Among them, there is no occupation or distinction, there is no level of educational attainment of the other, there is no different religious beliefs, as long as the perpetrators. Always be on education. True -called Untouchables, plead nowhere. The reason from violence, the main gambling, alcoholism, economic pressures, health factors, such as extramarital affairs and foreign brides, foreign brides and gambling addiction which is more prominent. These perpetrators trainees at the beginning of class, often heart Needless anger, unwilling to admit mistakes, but after a period of study was, after Tuwan grievances, emotions will gradually slow down, slowly exposing the truth, face their own problems recognize and review their mistakes.
It is understood that the remedial classes for decades, hundreds of perpetrators education, " malignancy" were only two. This phenomenon, the person in charge of remedial classes, this reflects the results achieved in education, domestic violence cases has declined ; But it also reflects, in the case of tighter U.S. law, and in particular some of the victims women, do not dare to report to the family livelihood. The reason is that they are afraid after the alarm. Economic difficulties, lack of care for children, and even lose custody of the children. cheap nfl jerseys
To meet this situation, the country established the California victims of domestic violence in general social assistance agencies. These services help organizations extend a warm hand to the victims, they are free to carry out psychological counseling and counseling to help them reconcile family relationships, resolve family conflicts, some institutions if necessary to help provide accommodation services free of charge. A service center for assistance in Los Angeles was founded five years ago, to help more than 800 families each year. These centers help in helping the abused, the family relationships have varying degrees of ease.