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Self-help and support groups are geared to help build self-esteem, improve coping skills, and to offer an opportunity to speak with others who have had similar experiences. All information discussed is considered confidential.


Hmong Women's Group
Facilitated by the Hmong Services Coordinator and Hmong Advocate

Next Meeting: Contact The Family Center for next meeting date/time.

Location: Call The Family Center at 715-421-1559 for location information.

Purpose: Topics that will be covered include: safety planning, strengths, stress management, and information about domestic abuse and sexual assault.


Support Group
Facilitated by Violence Prevention Specialist/Advocate and Sexual Assault Victim Services Coordinator

Location: Call The Family Center at 715-421-1559 for location, time, and date.

Who: Anyone affected by domestic and/or sexual violence.

Purpose: A support group for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault that focuses on understanding the impacts of trauma on survivors of abuse. The topics of empowerment, choice, connection, and hope will be discussed.


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