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About the Visitation Program:

Our Visitation Program is designed to offer families a safe and healthy environment to spend quality time together, which encourages positive child-parent relationships.




Visitation Exchange: Provides safe exchange of children for visitation periods through a neutral third party.  

Supervised Visitation: Contact between one or more children and a parent is in the presence of a neutral third party. Visitations can be scheduled by the court system or by individuals.  

Parenting Information: Information for parents is available upon request. Topics focus on the impact of custody struggles or effects of abuse on children.

Parents are eligible if any of the following criteria apply:


  • A restraining order related to domestic abuse issues has been obtained.

  • Parent(s) are working with a  family based agency.

  • Parent(s) who are referred by the court system, Probation and Parole, attorneys, or Guardians Ad Litem.

  • Parent(s) have not seen their children for an extensive period of time.

  • Parent(s) or their children are at risk due to domestic abuse Is a legal guardian and have a child(ren) involved in any of the above issues.  

Visitation Hours are Monday-Sunday, by appointment only.
  • Once a referral is made, both parties are required to meet with a Visitation Services Coordinator to complete the necessary paperwork.

  • Exchanges will only be scheduled once all paperwork is completed by both parties.  


If unsure about eligibility or you have any other questions about our Visitation Services, please call us at 715-421-1559 and ask for the Visitation Center.

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